1.3 billion people who won’t get Apple’s new iPhones by Nov. 1

October 9, 2013, 10:21 PM UTC

FORTUNE — If anyone knows how to roll new products out around the world, Apple (AAPL) does.

And when Reunion Island (pop. 800,000) is on the list of 62 countries that will be getting the new iPhones by Nov. 1 and Indonesia (pop. 234 million) isn’t, you know that disposable income is a more important factor than population size.

So how to explain the fact that Brazil (pop. 193 million), the 23rd richest country in the world by per capita personal income, isn’t getting the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C — at least for now?

UPDATE: According to a Portuguese-language story Monday in Globo’s G1, the new iPhones are expected to come to Brazil in December. Thanks to Walter Piecyk for the link.

UPDATE 2: Apple gets clearance to sell new iPhone models in Brazil. Note: Assembled in Brazil by Foxconn.