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The most surprising development of 2013 will be…

FORTUNE — Today I asked Term Sheet readers to complete the following sentence: “The most surprising development of 2013 will be…”

Yes, this is a bit of intellectual theft from Josh Brown. Anyway, what follows is a selection of what readers sent back, in no particular order:

Hugh Evans (T. Rowe Price): The realization that 3D printing is bigger than cloud computing.

Ken Maready (Hutchinson PLLC): Twitter will develop its own phone before Facebook, but unfortunately the TwitterPhone will only let you talk for 17 seconds before ending the call.”

Keith Gillard (Pangea Ventures): That some cleantech funds will actually put their LPs in the black.

Bob Ackerman (Allegis Capital): By the end of 2013 cyber attacks will be the greatest external threat to the US economy.

David Lancher (Lancher Communications): The rapid deployment of credit funds to replace traditional bank lending, particularly in Europe.

Paul Roales: The startup/tech press will become like Cosmo, where the headlines on the cover never change, only the date of publication is different.

Bryan Baggenstos (Casey Family Programs): Gas prices at the station drop to near $2 per gallon.

Charlie Spokes (General Catalyst Partners): Notre Dame going to a second straight BCS national championship game.

Samuel Cahn (Combinations Capital Partners): Comprehensive immigration reform. The President will push it to shift attention away from taxes and government debt.

Holly Davidson (James Beck): That Dan becomes a Republican.

Velios Kodomichalos (Pepperdine University Investment Management): We have a balanced budget at federal level.

Robert Gray (DG Advisors): Apple’s fall from grace

Keith Buckley (ACS Signal Corp.): The number of people that utter the words, “Wait, MY taxes are going up?  I thought it was just those rich people.”

Blake Winchell (Partner Ventures): Greece leaving the EU.

Geoff Rapaport (Cooley LLP): Passage of a bill establishing a national tax on GHG emissions with a portion of the revenue to fund domestic infrastructure spending.

David Simpson (LACERA): The rapid and seamless integration of Venezuela into the LatAm growth story post-Chavez.”

Daniel O’Donnell (Dechert): In the U.S. the PE and financial sectors will lag the industrial sector; the latter will perform better than expected producing ~3% growth in gdp; pe will pick up in the second half of the year as the glut of portfolio companies already held past the normal “sell by” date gets pared down into a rising domestic economy.

Geoff Devereux: Nouriel Roubini will witness a double rainbow. The video will go viral resulting in a guest host appearance on Sesame Street followed by taking a job with Disney as Chief Happiness Officer.

Brendan Bressan (JP Morgan): The sunset of reduced capital gains tax and qualified dividends rates.

Mark Lubow (423 Digital): Google receiving a patent on seeing and Apple receiving a patent on thinking.

Michelle Clark: The return of PE to the tech sector, triggering a wave of buying (e.g., Dell and HTC get acquired) that prompts investment banks to jump in and drive divestitures (e.g., HP gets broken up).

Rusty Williams (Quick Catch Labs): The crumbling wall between advertising and editorial. In search of revenue, even venerable media companies will take money in exchange for “content creation” on behalf of clients.

Tim Yeaton (Black Duck Software): The necessity of working with competitors – collaborating and committing financial and development support to creating vendor-neutral platforms and giving up control to ensure timely innovation.

John Shaw (Maxill): The US actually defaults on its debt.

Leonid Markel (THL Partners): A productive political environment.

Karl Schmidtmann: John Boehner and Harry Reid are secretly married in Maryland in a service presided over by Clarence Thomas after a long weekend of long awaited, truly bipartisan support.

Douglas Weeden: Facebook Doubles to $60 on mobile ‘animal apirits’ and then crashes, ushering in #SiliconDustbowl2.0

Paul Bishop (Preqin): When the 2013/14 NHL season starts smoothly.

Amit Jain (AIG): The soaring US economy supported by strong housing.

Steve Lesem (Mezeo Software): Windows Phone OS will establish itself amongst consumers as a credible third choice versus Apple IOS and Android.

Thomas Bonney (CMF Associates): Republicans establish a comprehensive message and platform that is progressive/forward thinking.

Werner Pisar (Nokia Siemens): How easily the banks circumvent the new regulations and drive up their risk.

Chad Seiler (KPMG): It’s resemblance to 2012.

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