Yahoo CEO Mayer’s hot hires from Google

October 16, 2012, 8:28 PM UTC

FORTUNE — More than just importing Google culture — free food! free smartphones! — to Yahoo , CEO Marissa Mayer is bringing in Google talent too. On Monday, which was Mayer’s first day back since delivering a baby boy September 30, Yahoo announced the appointment of Henrique de Castro as COO. De Castro is one of several recruits whom Mayer used to work with at Google, where she spent 13 years until moving to Yahoo in July.

Mayer’s turnaround plan includes more hires to come, I hear. Including more Google alums, no doubt. Here are the ex-Googlers she has brought to Yahoo so far:

Henrique de Castro. Source: CrunchBase.

Henrique de Castro – Chief Operating Officer: As VP of Google’s worldwide Partner Business Solutions group, de Castro has overseen platforms and services for the company’s publisher and commerce partners. A suave 47-year-old native of Portugal, de Castro began his career at McKinsey in London, spent two years managing sales in western Europe for Dell , and landed at Google in 2006. He’s due to start at Yahoo on or before January 22.

Andrew Schulte. Source: LinkedIn

Andrew Schulte – Chief of Staff to the CEO: His most intriguing claim to fame is that he was Lady Gaga’s RA at New York University. (“She was quirky, but most NYU students have their quirks.”) After college, Schulte spent a year at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia . His five years at Google included various marketing gigs and a trial run as chief of staff to then-VP Mayer. Apparently, she liked him in the role. On the July day that Yahoo announced Mayer’s appointment as CEO, he emailed her and told her he wanted “to catch up.” It’s worked out.

Patricia Moll Kriese. Source: LinkedIn.

Patricia Moll Kriese – Senior Director, Corporate Project: At Google from 2005 to 2009 and then a consultant to the web giant, Kriese came to be a close confidante to Mayer during their time in the snow together: Kriese was Mayer’s deputy on multiple trips to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Kriese did a pre-Google stint at Microsoft and earned a Masters in International Economics from Johns Hopkins. Now she’s one of Yahoo’s culture carriers, directing Mayer’s “PB&J” program to streamline process, reduce bureaucracy and remove jams inside the company.

Anne Espiritu. Source: LinkedIn.

Anne Espiritu – Director of Public Relations: She was the power behind the public positioning of Mayer at Google. In PR there for seven years, Espiritu worked closely with Mayer when Mayer oversaw Google’s core business, search products, and then when she moved to “local and geo,” including Google Maps and Google Earth. A stylish UCal Berkeley grad, she started her career at the World Bank.

Trish Crawley. Source: Google+.

Trish Crawley – Assistant to the CEO: Mayer’s assistant at Google is now in the same role at Yahoo–with perhaps a little more responsibility since Mayer is a CEO with a newborn. Crawley studied Latin and Classical Studies at Wake Forest and lived in Firenze, Italy post-college, before she moved to Silicon Valley.

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