Our favorite #FortuneLeague team names

July 27, 2012, 2:00 PM UTC

On Thursday, we wrapped up the first ever Fortune Fantasy Sports Executive League by revealing our own official team. The online fantasy game took place from May 21 to July 13 and users created more than 1700 teams. Now it’s time for us to honor those who may not have finished high in the standings but stand tall in our eyes because of a clever, memorable team name. Here, in no particular order, are the ten best, chosen by Fortune.

1. The Law-Abiding Delinquents: Who doesn’t like a good oxymoron?

2. Initech: Not every TV or film reference works, but this one, to the technology company that goes through layoffs in Office Space, brings back good memories of a funny business flick.

3. Vandelay Industries: A Seinfeld reference never hurts, either. This reader and team-maker must be an “importer/exporter.”

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4. Dimon’s Diamond: Jamie Dimon wasn’t actually an option in the game, but we appreciated this player’s tribute to the JP Morgan CEO.

5. Lehigh Beat Duke: They sure did. #FortuneLeagueMadness?

6. Shattered Glass: No joke here, just a strong, nearly all-female team and an appropriately triumphant team name. We aren’t sure if this player wanted to go 100% female and thought Stacy Smith was a woman, but either way, nice work.

7. Executive Washroom: In How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, important things happen in the bathroom. Though the days of the executive washroom may be gone in corporate America today…

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8. The Good News Bulls: Clever take on the Bad News Bears. This person was bullish on our game.

9. Omahahomemaha: It’s a mouthful as one word, but “Omaha Homemaha” feels very… down homey. This reader, as so many did, put Warren Buffett — the Oracle — in the skipper seat.

10. The Team with the Best Name: How Dr. Seussian.