Pre-Marketing: The Wall St. scandal to rule them all

July 9, 2012, 2:50 PM UTC

* If you can’t beat ’em… NYSE gets ‘dark pool’ approval

* Bob Reich: Libor is the Wall Street scandal above all others

* Matt Andrejczak: 7 keys for cracking Wall Street’s earnings code

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, European shares fall and the Nikkei sheds 1.4%.

* Dave McClure: I’m a late bloomer

* Philip Rosedale: SecondLife didn’t fail

* John Carney: A reader’s guide to Libor rates

* Chart of the Day: Government payrolls

* Luke Timmerman: The best boring biotech companies

* Paul Hodkinson: Private equity cash reserves are dwindling

* Henry Blodget: It’s time for Romney to release his tax returns

* Simon Meads: European buyouts hit hard by regional debt crisis

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* Hysteria: Def Leppard re-records own songs to win back digital revenue

* Tweet of the Day: @levie “Building your own phone” is the new “launching a website.”

* Tweet of the Day II: @CharlesGasparino just ran into 2 veteran investment bankers who predicted that w Diamond and his team gone, Barclays will either be broker up or sold