Draft your fantasy business roster

June 29, 2012, 3:26 PM UTC

Click to choose your own Executive Dream Team.

You have exactly two weeks left to draft your very own business Dream Team in our Fortune Fantasy Sports Executive League. If you haven’t done it yet, what are you waiting for? If your team comes out on top, you’ll win a Kindle Fire, $300 Amazon gift card, and a free subscription to Fortune.

So far, nearly 2,000 of our readers have created teams, along with 38 behind-the-scenes experts. We’ve been posting a Q&A with one of those experts each Friday, but in the final days of team creation we’ll begin posting more. Experts who have already shared the reasoning behind their picks with everyone include former P&G (PG) CMO Jim Stengel, former Facebook (FB) CFO Gideon Yu, and NASCAR CEO Brian France, with more to come. Once you’ve taken a look at their logic, exercise your own judgment and field your team at fantasy.fortune.com.

In case you’re looking for a quick primer on how the scoring works, without reading all the math, here’s the rundown: your score, and rank within the league, fluctuates constantly based on how your players compare to three pools: who other users are choosing; who the experts are choosing (weighted double); and who ends up on our official Fortune Magazine team (also weighted double), which we’ll reveal on July 26.

Now that we’re over a month into the game, we’d like to call out interesting trends and even share some hints at the current standings. As of Friday morning, at the time of writing:

  • In six of the nine categories, the current user favorite is different from the expert favorite.
  • In four of the categories, the two most popular user choices are separated by only 20 votes.
  • In two of the categories, the two top user choices are even closer than that, and are virtually in a dead heat. But two of the categories are not close at all, with one particular player more than 100 votes ahead in the user pool. (Can you guess which categories, and which player?)
  • In two of the categories, two players are tied for the top expert choice.
  • In only three of the categories does no single player have zero votes from either users or experts — at least one person has “struck out” in the rest of the categories.

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We’ve also enjoyed seeing the team names people come up with for their rosters, and that’s actually important, because in the event of a tie between two or more teams at the end, the winner will be chosen based on which team name Fortune judges the most creative. Some of the names we’ll give a shout-out to already: The Law-Abiding Delinquents, Occupy the Infield (topical!), Yu Lose (that’s Gideon Yu’s expert team), Vandelay Industries (a Seinfeld reference), and the Good News Bulls (as opposed to the Bad News Bears, which is also someone’s team name).

The excitement is heating up, so get into the game now. You’ve got nothing to lose, and even if you can’t win the prize, why not go for bragging rights? Create your own mini-league and compete with friends.

See you on the field.