Robert Shiller posing as Michael Lewis…or something like that

October 27, 2011, 12:42 AM UTC

FORTUNE — Everybody writes a correction sooner or later in publishing. Mistakes happen. But imagine the explaining ahead for Delta Air Lines’ Sky Magazine. We were flying home on the Delta (DAL) shuttle last night when we opened up to a story in the October issue about the author Michael Lewis and his new book Boomerang. Something seemed a little… off. We squinted for a closer look and sure enough, the picture on the story’s first page is that of Yale Professor Robert Shiller. (In fact, it’s from a series of photos taken for a Fortune profile in 2009.) Both men have boyish faces and sport swept bangs. But that’s where the similarities end. And c’mon, Shiller has about 15 years on Lewis.

A Sky magazine advertising contact says they’ve gotten plenty of notices about the mix up. Apparently, in hunting for a photo of the author Michael Lewis the Sky staff picked photos taken by the photographer Michael Lewis.

Shiller told Fortune we were just the second party to inform him about it. The first? His barber.