Pre-Marketing: Capital One buys HSBC’s credit card biz

August 10, 2011, 3:53 PM UTC

Today’s Term Sheet email linked to yesterday’s Pre-Marketing. Here is link to latest edition.

* John Kay: Loans to a king don’t always pay

* What’s in your wallet? Capital One buying HSBC’s $30 billion credit card unit

* Accountability for you, not for me: S&P balks at SEC proposal to reveal ratings errors

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London rises on bargain-hunting, European shares gain on U.S. Fed pledge and the Nikkei rebounds.

* If you haven’t yet read it: Yesterday’s Fed statement

* William Sahlman: Downgrading America?

* Mark Suster: What happens next for venture capital?

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* It’s a first: Fuel-economy standards for heavy-duty vehicles

* Joseph Stiglitz: How to make the best of the long malaise

* In memoriam: Banker and venture capitalist Robert Lessin

* Head-and-shoulders: Leveraged loans now in negative territory

* Thanks mom: Study shows that we inherit half of our intelligence

* Flashback: An AOL stock price promise that Arianna Huffington couldn’t keep

* Tweet of the Day: @ReformedBroker Sacrificing that Smurf on the trading floor today was a good move