Who got knocked in Google’s algorithm update?

February 27, 2011, 7:42 PM UTC

Surprisingly, content farm Demand Media sites like eHow stand to benefit from the changes.

Last week Google (GOOG) changed its algorithm in an attempt to rid itself of spammy search results.  According to Google’s post on the matter almost 12% of all searches would be affected by the change.

So how did Demand Media(DMD) sites like eHow fare?  According to results from Sistrix, eHow didn’t get hit at all.  Furthermore, many of its content farm competitors, like Mahalo, did get hit, meaning that Demand may actually benefit from Google’s changes.

Ehow.com even gained SISTRIX value (from 270 to 310) and Keywords (from 317,320 to 324,021) during the algorithm-change. Looking at the SERP-Distribution chart from above for ehow.com, you’ll notice the difference. Quite a statement from Google regarding the quality of Demand Medias’ content, isn’t it?

Good news for Demand but maybe a little a bit disappointing for those who expected a wholesale removal of lower quality content.

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