Pre-Marketing 12.16.10

December 16, 2010, 5:39 PM UTC

* Highlights of the new UBS dress code for retail bankers

* Felix Salmon: WSJ distrusts companies that pay down debt

* Shira Ovide: Should Goldman Sachs take Stephen Colbert’s bait?

* Professional vultures grade U.S. gov’t on its distressed debt investment record

* Barry Ritholtz: 10 questions for GOP members of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission

* Morning Call: U.S. futures look flat, London rises earlyEuropean shares don’t move and the Nikkei flat on profit-taking.

* Jon Callaghan: What makes a good VC syndicate

* The U.S. government’s largest creditor is no longer China

* Facebook to big media: We like you. We really, really like you

* John Cassidy: I come to bury Larry Summers, not to praise him

* Daniel Alpert: This retail recovery isn’t real, and it’s about to end

* Alisa Roth: We don’t really know how many foreclosures are out there

* James Altucher: Osama Bin Laden, StockPickr and everything I know about negotiation

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* Goldman trader Morgan Sze is prepping what would be the largest new hedge fund since the financial crisis began

* Natalie Harrison: Bankers are betting that European high-yield bond supply will smash records for the second consecutive year in 2011

* Tweet of the Day: @ScepticGeek Citizen’s choice for Person of the Year is inside a UK prison, Editor’s choice is building a walled garden criticized by the web’s founder.