New Google Maps 5.0 previewed on Nexus S

December 12, 2010, 5:34 PM UTC

The multi-touch Maps application that Andy Rubin demoed last week will be on the Nexus S for official launch.

The Maps application that was loaded on that Motorola(MOT) tablet that Andy Rubin demonstrated last week at the Dive into Mobile event isn’t just for prototype tablets.  It appears that it will be joining the Nexus S for its release according to a video posted on the Nexus S YouTube account.


Of particular interest is the 3D buildings and rotation options which likely takes advantage of Gingerbread’s new optimized graphics libraries.  Google(GOOG) is also getting more social with their recommendation engine which uses people in your social circle to improve the experience

Reviewers like myself who received a Nexus S ahead of launch are still seeing Maps 4.7.  It appears that the update should be forthcoming.

Google also announced a brand new Android Market that would launch in time for the general release of the Nexus S next week.