NetApplications: Apple’s iOS Internet share grew 216% in a year

December 3, 2010, 1:08 PM UTC

But the overall picture is still more than 90% Microsoft Windows blue

Click to enlarge. Source: NetApplications

NetApplications’ Nov. 2010 operating systems report reminds us that despite all the talk about the growth of the mobile Web, the vast majority of global Internet traffic is still generated by PCs.

At first glance, the pie chart at right doesn’t look very different from one we might have drawn a year ago. The Microsoft (MSFT) Windows and Apple (AAPL) Mac slices are a bit smaller — 1.71 and 0.09 points, respectively — and the shares represented by various mobile operating systems imperceptibly larger.

But when you drill down into the data, some dramatic changes emerge. The most striking is the growth of Apple’s iOS — the operating system that drives the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It now accounts for 1.36% of global Internet traffic according to NetApplications, up .93 points (216%) year over year. Google’s (GOOG) Android still trails at 0.31%, but its percentage increase is off the charts, accounting for most of the 108.5% increase in the “Others” category.

NetApplications draws its data from visits to some 40,000 client websites around the world.

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