Apple ‘smoked the competition’ in PC World’s 2010 reliability survey

November 30, 2010, 12:49 PM UTC

MacBooks and iMacs scored the highest marks in a survey of 79,000 tech users

Click to enlarge. Source: PC World

“Apple once again smoked the competition,” writes PC World‘s Jeff Bertolucci, summarizing the results of his magazine’s annual service and reliability survey.

“The Macintosh and iPhone maker did so well that virtually all its scores were above average. Apple’s only average scores were related to the company’s deftness at replacing failed notebook components, and in two areas pertaining to serious problems with the iPhone, the latter perhaps stemming from the iPhone 4’s well-publicized antenna issue that resulted in dropped calls for some users.”

The 79,000 responses in this year’s survey were a PC World record. Apple (AAPL) led the pack in the desktop and notebook computers, with Dell for Home (DELL) and HP for Home (HPQ) bringing up the rear. Motorola (MOT) edged out Apple in the smartphone category. “Apple fans love the iPhone,” writes Bertolucci, “but they’re not particularly thrilled with AT&T” (T).

You can see the full results, with charts, here.

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