Sony cuts $100 off of their GoogleTVs for Black Friday

November 25, 2010, 5:24 PM UTC

$299 now buys you a GoogleTV with a Blu-ray player

Best Buy (BBY)and Sony Style are now offering the Sony Internet TV Blu-ray Disc Player with Google TV for $299.  That’s $100 off of the launch price and  the same as the Logitech Revue which is Blu-ray-less.

GoogleTV (GOOG) has recently been plagued with defections by major TV networks, most recently Viacom so some aggressive pricing may sway some buyers on the fence.

The move is likely to start a price war with the Logitech Revue which will likely also see a price drop in the coming day.

Interestingly, Sony (SNE) advertises for Hulu Plus on the bottom right of the promotion  A Hulu-GoogleTV deal hasn’t yet been announced but on is in the works.  Perhaps this is an indication of an upcoming announcement.

GoogleTV is the most expensive of the recent wave of connected TV devices.  Rokus start at $60, AppleTVs retail for $100 and Boxee Box is $199.

via Dealnews