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Why Logitech rebranded for GoogleTV

Technical details are still scant, but Logitech has publicly hatched a name.

In a blogpost today, Logitech broke down the reasons it created a whole new brand for its GoogleTV appliance, rather than extending its popular Harmony brand of remotes or Squeezebox Internet radio players.

Logitech Revue does everything we’re known for and more. So it couldn’t just be the Harmony Box or Squeezebox TV or, even worse, the Logitech TV Hub (although believe me, we’ve discussed them all). The meaning of Revue is a type of multi-act theatrical entertainment that combined music, dance and sketches – wildly popular between 1910 and 1930.

Logitech Revue is a companion box and controller that brings the experience of Google TV to your TV screen. It combines everything on the Web, cable or satellite content, apps, video calling and more that will be wildly popular between 2010 and 2030, until we reinvent interaction again.

Only twenty years huh?  Well, I’m looking forward to doing a Revue review.