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Droid X: the first HD smartphone? (Update: No)

Verizon is saying that the Droid X has a ‘720P screen’.  Oh my!

Photo Credit: Verizon

Update: WOW.  Verizon just changed their ad to something entirely different.  Poor form:

Verizon is teasing some of the new Droid X specs on its website today. The device is expected to be formally announced next week at a joint Verizon-Motorola-Adobe-Google event.

If the above isn’t just really poor marketing bait and switch, the Droid X will have 720×1280 screen.  Just a little back of the napkin PPI computing says that this display will be 341.5 PPI, more than Apple’s 326PPI Retina Display.

Again.  That is a monster “if”.  Engadget says their prototype was 854×480.

We’ll be there covering the news as it breaks.