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A new application allows world record speeds in text entry, now on Android devices.

Swype is a method of text input that allows you to enter text into a phone faster than traditional texting.  Rather than lifting your finger (or using two fingers) to enter text, you play connect the dots. It is quick to pick up (5 minutes and you are already faster) and, in a quick test, it has definitely helped with my input speed.

A texter with a Samsung Omnia running Swype set the Guinness Record with 42 words per minute using Swype earlier this year.

Here’s a video on how it works:


Like it?  If you want to check it out on your Android, follow the instructions below.

If you are running on an Android device that can install applications from “untrusted sources,” you can sign up for Swype here. Enter an email address you can answer on your Android phone and you are ready to go.