The National Mood: A Quiz

April 15, 2009, 2:44 PM UTC

1. I am sick of… 

a. Rotten bankers
b. Stinking pirates
c. Posturing bureaucrats
d. Winter

2. I can certainly do without any additional advice or comments from… 

a. Economists
b. Regulators without entertaining facial hair
c. Former heads of corporations who are now in the tank
d. My mother

3. I’m very bored with…

a. Paul Krugman
b. Drunken celebrities
c. Sober celebrities, unless they’re naked
d. Artisan cheese

4. A day without ___________ is a day without sunshine. 

a. Glen Beck
b. Barney Frank
c. Another fabulous Chapter 11
d. 8 oz. of vodka

5. Please wake me when…

a. There’s some good news for me personally. 
b. Wall Street melts down into a small pile of phlegm. No, wait! It already has!  

c. There’s something to watch on TV.
d. All of the above.

Score yourself however you like.