Give us a little help, willya, Lord?

April 8, 2009, 3:28 PM UTC

lotswifeDear God… you know I’m trying to keep my mood up. Just yesterday I announced that the time had come for a new sense of optimism, that the sprouting of the crocuses (croci?) should be attended by an appropriate reawakening of hope.

Yesterday afternoon in New York City, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped into the high 30s. People at the office just looked at each other and shook their heads. In the elevator, folks coming in from lunch shivered, chuckled darkly, and said, “Wow. Aren’t you sick of this?” I don’t think they were just talking about the weather.

Today the sun must have risen, but you’d never know it. The sky is dark and unfriendly. The analysts continue to issue company-killing reports filled with bleak assumptions and the odd occasional misplacement of a decimal point or two. And fifteen minutes ago, it started snowing. Yep. A nice, juicy mixture of snow and sleet. People throughout my floor simply stood by the windows, looking very, very sad. “I’m so ready for spring,” said somebody to nobody in particular. All we could do was sigh.

We’re trying to turn the corner, Lord. But between Your perpetual winter and the harbingers of daily gloom on our computer screens, it gets tough sometimes. I know you’re busy with a lot of problems in the universe. But would a little warmth and sunshine on our sector be too much to ask? Or at least could you turn a couple of security analysts into pillars of salt? That would be something!