Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I just read a comment from a House Republican who helped to defeat the bailout. It said that passing the bailout would represent “a coffin on top of Ronald Reagan’s coffin.” In one statement, this guy made it clear what his camp’s priorities represent – ideology over the welfare of the public.

I’m having a tough time with the free-market guys, believing that they are serious. It was, after all, the free expression of the marketplace that enabled the creative types to engineer the downfall of our system. The fact is, total freedom in the vast economic system in which we live represents not liberty, but license.

Now, at a time when some form of assistance and central oversight is clearly necessary, the House stood up for… nothing. Let ‘er rip. Que sera sera. Whatever will be will most certainly be.

And now? I’m just scared. I’ve never been a gloom-and-doom sort, but in this one bold move we have been given a peek under the flap of the tent. And what is there is… nothing. Nobody is running the show. We are in free fall. But Ronald Reagan can sleep well.

That’s something to somebody, I guess. I hope, whoever they are, they feel good about it. Because I sure don’t. Do you?

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