What I’m praying for this weekend

A bailout that doesn’t sell out the American people. 

A return to some kind of sane discourse in the electoral process, which has been pushed relentlessly into the Rovian realm recently. 

A spirit of cordiality and calmness to descend on our nation and not disperse until it is replaced by a nice dose of holiday cheer. That’s a much better way to manage during a crisis than all this crazy yelling and waving of arms in the air. 

A recognition on the part of all advertisers that in order to sell their products and services they have to keep pumping out their messages to the public; and that if they do not their decline will represent a self-fulfilling prophesy on an unprecedented scale. 

No more bank failures. 

No gigantic parachutes for anybody whose financial institution was leveraged more than 20 to 1. 

A return to the days when a gain or loss of 100 points on the Dow was considered a big deal. The other day a financial type said to me, “Okay, 350 points down is not a GOOD thing, but it could be worse.” That scared me more than all the pessimistic crud I’ve waded through lately.

Any firm that has collapsed, defaulted, defalcated or otherwise demonstrated extreme stupidity is no longer allowed to disseminate the thoughts of a security analyst about the sagacity and competence of other companies. 

Warren Buffett gives everybody a couple of thousand bucks to spread around as they see fit. 

Are you listening, God? … Mr. Buffett?

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