A word from Management…

August 21, 2008, 6:03 PM UTC

This week there’s a small change in the infrastructure that I wanted to tell you about.

Since the start of this site back in the halcyon days of 07, there have been two parallel blogs that were linked into it. Those who went to the Crazy Bosses site and the Bulls**t Jobs site at the top of the page got a chance to do a lot of stuff – take quizzes, look at galleries of crazy people who have run big enterprises, bask in examples of jobs even more weird, bent and twisted than their own, that sort of thing.

Those links will continue. They live on. I exhort you to try them, if you haven’t already. You will think you died and went to heaven. Sure, they’ve been there for a little while, but as an old ad campaign for a television network once said about their reruns, If you’ve never seen it, it’s new to you.

The meat of those blogs, however, were not the incredibly entertaining and instructive things I whipped up for your amusement and professional delectation. Of even greater interest was the input that came in from you, dear reader.

On the Crazy Boss blog, there was a satisfying and ever-growing assemblage of horrendous senior officers offered by those who suffered under them.

On the Bulls**t Jobs blog, you lobbed in a very interesting group of them, some of which I had, quite honestly, never heard of before.

In virtually all cases, some more than others, reader contributions elicited reader comments, and those were there too.

As of today, both of these entries are now incorporated into this main site. Click on the links to your right – where Reader Crazy Bosses and Reader Bulls**t Jobs are Boldfaced and in Bigger Type–and you will find nicely aggregated the entire corpus. Hope you delecti.

And if you have an interesting stories, by the way, to add to the trove, please don’t hesitate to contact me at bingblog@gmail.com. I’m there, 24/7, Googling myself. Oh, and don’t forget those asterisks when you’re search out those bulls**t jobs. We don’t want to be a bad moral influence on you or anything.