Getting ready to Brainstorm

July 21, 2008, 5:20 AM UTC

Fortune’s annual tech conference begins Monday afternoon at the Ritz in Half Moon Bay, Calif. It’s a terrific invitation-only event that draws together heavy hitters from across the industry in a beautiful place that makes for great, in-depth conversations about technology and the world. We on the editorial side at Fortune take what we learn from our brainstorming exercise, and apply it in the pages of Fortune throughout the year.

As I prepare for the panels I’m hosting, I decided to reach out to those of you who aren’t attending our conference to bring you into the experience – and to solicit your help. I’d love to  know what questions you’d ask my panelists if you were in my shoes. So if you have ideas, please send them to me at or leave comments below.

Specifically: I’ll be talking shop Monday night with bloggers Kara Swisher, Robert Scoble and Om Malik. These three like to play rough with others. What should I ask them?

I’ll host a breakfast roundtable Tuesday morning on the subject of monetization on the Net with the likes of Neil Ashe of Cnet, Rob Glaser of RealNetworks (RNWK), Mike Volpi of Joost and Greg Waldorf of eHarmony. Are their companies doing it well? Not so much? Let me know.

Next, on  Tuesday afternoon, I’m moderating a VC panel (dubbed ‘Investing in a world without exits’) that will feature Venrock’s David Siminoff (formerly a bigshot mutual fund investor), Andrew Braccia of Accel (formerly an exec at Yahoo (YHOO)), Danny Rimer of Index Ventures (who sold Skype to eBay (EBAY)), Greycroft’s Dana Settle and Quincy Smith, CEO of CBS Interactive (CBS). Each plays the game differently, so it should be an illuminating look at the VC world during a challenging time.

Finally, on Wednesday morning I’ll do a joint interview with Bobby Kotick of Activision and Chris DeWolfe of MySpace. We’ve cleverly called that one ‘Guitar Heroes,’ but any topic is fair game for these two. I’d truly welcome your questions and suggestions.

Finally, there are a few ways you can keep up with what’s going on at Brainstorm even if you’re not there. Techland will be the official blog of the conference. The conference has its own Twitter page, brainstormtech. I’ll also be Twittering from time to time from the conference, so if you don’t follow me, please do. My Twitter handle is adamlashinsky.