Send Bing your best executrick! It beats working!

June 3, 2008, 12:51 PM UTC

You don’t have to be a pinstriped master of the boardroom or a slick Wall Street infighting insider to have a few tricks of your own up your sleeve. Every intelligent working person has found a few ways to retire while on the job. What are yours?

Do you linger over breakfast with a tolerable client now and then?

Have drinks with a random business associate while lesser mortals are slaving away at the office?

Enjoy a languid boondoggle with the sales reps every winter in Hawaii?

Head downtown on Friday night to the cool box at the local sports arena, where your company has a couple of season tickets?

Delegate a whole bunch of stuff to Lazenby, the guy down the hall who isn’t happy unless he’s got his nose to the grindstone?

Come on. Cough it up. If you occasionally retire while you are still working, we’d like to know how. Our goal is to find the very best Executricks and share them with our readers, thereby making the world a better place.

The enterprising contestant who comes up with the best Executrick will will a valuable prize. We don’t know what it is yet. Right now, in fact, we’re hard at work behind closed doors, our feet up on our desks, thinking about it!