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Just a short note today because I’m a little worried about myself. I wonder if you guys out there can figure out this phalanx of symptoms:

  • Overall tightness in my neck and upper back;
  • Achy elbows, particularly my right one;
  • Pain that radiates from my elbows up my arm and downward into my forearms;
  • Pain increases the moment I try to push a mouse around;
  • Pain begins when I start working my thumbs on my BlackBerry.

The horrifying thought has occurred to me that I have some computer and BlackBerry-related ailment that will cut down on my ability to spew out words and electronic messages without discomfort.

Have I worn out the nerves that run from my neck into my arms? Is this all in my head? What if a person becomes incapacitated not by a work-related accident or a vehicular incident, but is wrecked by the continuous on-the-job usage of muscles and nerves that were never intended to be utilized with the frequency and intensity to which we put them? Do these symptoms ring a bell with any of you?

Is there a doctor in the house? And… on you are my plan?