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More good news for lawyers

Deaths from allergic reactions to the blood thinner heparin have risen to 62, up from 19 a month ago. This news, disturbing to just about everybody, was reported widely yesterday, and did not go unnoticed in the one sector that might find it reason for a bit of grim good cheer. This would be, of course, a newsletter aimed at personal injury attorneys, Personal Injury Lawyer America, a publication from the law firm of Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP. This goes to prove, I guess, that there is a silver lining for somebody inside of everybody else’s black cloud.

The active ingredient in heparin is derived from the inside of pig intestines, and is produced mostly in…

You guess where, given the situation as it now stands, with the global supply of this drug now possibly contaminated.

If you guessed China, you win a year’s supply of expired cheese food. Let’s look at where things stand in that regard:

  • poisoned toothpaste
  • poisoned toys
  • poisoned pet food
  • purloined movies, music, etc.
  • bad air and water
  • censorship of the arts and journalism
  • Darfur
  • Tibet

All that and the Olympics, too. I’ve heard it said recently that we are no longer in the American century, that the next 100 years will in fact belong to China. I suppose that’s good news for somebody. Other than lawyers, I