Alright already, AAPL Nitpickers!

November 29, 2007, 10:01 PM UTC

My prior post referred to an object of my desire — what I referred to as a “towering G5”. I had no idea when I mentioned this thing that a tsunami of you guys would leap on me the way a pack of dogs attack a wounded chipmunk, instructing me with great condescension that Mac stopped making those years ago.

Big deal. I work in a giant corporation and my entire floor is packed with G5s, and they rock. I understand that Mac now makes Mac Pros that are packed with Intel power. Here’s what they look like. They come in a big tower and I want one. It would go nicely with the Macbook Pro 12″ and 17″ laptops, the Mac Mini, the iMac and the Apple-TV that are sitting at home waiting for me right now. I say this to quiet the ill-tempered, swaggeringly pompous Macophiles who continually accuse me of not being sufficiently Mac when I occasionally poke a little hole the the slightly wormy side of the AAPL.

Sorry I got the model number wrong, or the processor designation incorrect, or the format of the digital copranshy defibrilated. No matter what you say, my point stands tall: I’m not getting an iPhone until I can use it on the network of my choice! And I DO like every single XBox I’ve played on! And that doesn’t mean I don’t want to get a Wii at some point, either. My old Super Nintendo was the best gaming system ever, maybe, except for… now get this… my old Windows PC! Yeah! I liked playing on that, too! It was WAY better than any Mac I’ve ever played on, okay? Even the G5s at my office!

Thanks for listening. Oh, and you guys who occasionally send me comments wasting your time to tell me what a waste of time reading my blog is? Bring it on! You can waste my time telling me that I’m wasting your time anytime.