Packaging a UPS video

November 19, 2007, 6:44 PM UTC

If you’ve got a few slow minutes in your Monday, check out the video that just went up to build on our recent story on UPS (UPS) and Gen Y. (The writing of which, from a work-ethic perspective, seems to have had a good effect on me; I spent the whole weekend sewing drapes!) This is part of lots of new video from the folks at CNNMoney, so if you’ve got the time to browse, it’s worth it.

Full disclosure: I haven’t seen the one with me yet, as watching myself makes me gag, but I’m told by a few reliable sources that it’s not horrible. But I’ll trust you guys to weigh in, too. (Hah.) And for those among us who like to make fun, it’s a chance to see me sweat and deride the wreck that is my office. Happy short week…