Even monsters have crazy bosses

October 9, 2007, 3:54 PM UTC

As you may know, millions and millions and millions and millions of people visit monster.com every day in search of contacts, community and jobs. There are bulletin boards and forums and chats, and people exchanging digital frisbees and yelling all over the place, many of whom would like a new job, a better job, any job but the one they either do or don’t have. It’s a big clatch of extremely needy people, all clicking away, seething with ambition, optimism and hope.

This month, the masters of Monster have taken it into their heads to solicit the thoughts, horror stories and amusing anecdotes of their users on that prime subject of all working people: their crazy bosses. They’ve set up a whole web page for this input and its doors are open right now. Just click here  and see.

Guess who they’ve asked to read, comment on and otherwise process this crucial, monstrous information? Go ahead, guess! Right! Me! They like me! They really like me!

Sorry. I was channeling Sally Field there for a minute. Anyhow, the deal is that I’ll be doing some of what we do here over there for a while as well, taking questions, reading horrendous tales of woe, and commenting as I see fit, partially as, you know, a public service, of course, but also in the hopes that some of those nine million citizens of monster.com will meander over here to our little backwater, building traffic and making this site even more subject to monetization for me personally.

Next Monday, I’ll be responding to whatever crazy stuff pops up in the monster zone. So log something in over there if you feel like it. And then come back here, bringing some little monsters with you, huh?