Way TOO much information!!

A reader from Illinois writes…
I have a boss that depending on what day or even what time of the day you catch her on, her mood and tactic has completely flip-floped.  Case in point, she has the nerve to tell me to act more professional for laughing too loud at a joke that a co-worker told me at my desk.  Was this unprofessional, yes, it probably disturbed those around me working, but this is the same person that earlier that day told me that the past weekend she and her husband got drunk and that she gave him oral pleasure while he drove. She shops on-line and talks to her girlfriends about weight watchers after coming in late, then complains that her employees aren’t working up to their level.  Interesting tactics she choses to lead by.

What do you think? Is this a crazy boss? Or just a person with a VERY bad filter between her brain and her somewhat overly active mouth?

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