Inconsistently Yours

September 17, 2007, 5:00 PM UTC

A reader from Albany writes…

I have a great boss. He instills in me words like “consistency” and “hot rush.” He also throws a few “well if I said that I didn’t meant it”s. We can have a complete breakdown in productivity but he wants to see the vacation schedule. He’s really big on that. After every holiday he wants to know if anyone was absent so we do not have to pay them for the Holiday, even if they have worked here 30 years (my right hand to God it’s true). We have 300 Mexican employees working here and he told me not to hire anyone that cannot speak English. If he asks you,””What do you think of this?,” while he shows you something (what it is is not important) I desperately want to pick the right thing to say, but did I mention he is completely inconsistent in his thinking? He asks me things like, “Why does that person walk slow?” I truly hadn’t noticed and still cannot see it. One of my biggest causes for alarm is when he says, “I have been noticing……,” fill in the blank with whatever. The one consistent comment I can count on is, “”This is the worst year we have ever has for……….””again you can fill in the blank.

What do you think? Why are crazy bosses plagued by inconsistency of mood and speech? Any ideas?

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