What I learned from the itty-bitty quiz

September 12, 2007, 1:45 PM UTC

Reese from Arlington Heights, IL, asks me a question that I think is worth a reply in this venue: What did I learn from the quiz? I thought I’d just give you a few gleanings…  

  • I learned that most of you are happy, an overwhelming majority, as a matter of fact, and that fewer of you are anxious than I would have thought.
  • I learned that a significant number of you are willing to answer “yo mamma” to a serious question. I think that’s a hopeful sign not just for me, but for FORTUNE and cnnmoney.com as well.
  • I learned that many of you eat breakfast at home. I think that’s nice.
  • I learned that the majority of you are either Independents or Opportunists. I think that should be of interest in the coming national debate over our political leadership.
  • I learned that while many of you like Chinese food, you are also concerned about the direction that gigantic world power is headed. I also found that seven of you really have no problem with poison paint on Grover.

Most of all, I found that if I ask you guys to fill out a short quiz, a bunch of you will do it. And that, perhaps, is the most welcome lesson of all.