A good morning quiz for you

September 11, 2007, 1:32 PM UTC

Like all good corporate enterprises, I’m going to replace lack of ideas this morning with some well-timed research. Please answer the following questions and send me your replies via the comment link at the bottom of this posting.

1. I feel like working this morning:
a. A lot
b. A little
c. Not at all
d. Yo mamma.

2. My breakfast today cost:
a. $1.25, and it was all you can eat.
b. $5.95 – $10.99
c. $11.00 – $30
d. $455, but I had the smoked salmon

3. I’m looking forward to…
a. The weekend
b. Humping my assistant
c. My first martini of the night
d. Kicking somebody’s ass first chance I get

4. I think China…
a. Makes delicious food
b. Really makes me nervous
c. Should stop putting poison into children’s toys
d. Generally has the right ideas about free enterprise

5. I am a registered…
a. Republican
b. Democrat
c. Independent
d. Opportunist

6. Most of the time, I am…
a. Happy
b. Anxious
c. Jealous
d. Angry

After receiving more than three (3) replies, I will tabulate your scores and tell you, as a group, how you did and what my criteria were, except if you answered (d) on more than one question, in which case I’ll probably be seeing you at my next meeting.