Not Gone With The Wind

August 27, 2007, 12:58 PM UTC


You’re not going to believe this. One of my loyal readers, Ken from New Jersey, pointed out not long ago that the last posting on my Crazy Bosses blog was on May 30. Wow, I thought. That’s weird. Where did all your stories go? Did all your bosses suddenly turn sane? Did you stop caring about the issue?

So I looked at the blog, which may be found, given the somewhat complex and inscrutible architecture of this site, at Sure enough, a layer or two down from all the other interesting material on the subject, the last of your postings was dated May 30. And the one before it, too. And the one before that. And the one before that. Hmm, I thought. That’s odd.

I scrolled down and it became clear to me that basically what happened is that ALL of your stories were set down in that blog, which given the somewhat idiosyncratic and abstruse architecture of this site, had last been updated on May 30th. Then we all moved on to other things, of which there are, of course, many.

Then I figured what the hey, and took a look at another vast and fascinating chronicle, the site dedicated to your Bulls**t Jobs, which, given the subtle and rather delicate organization of this site, may be found amid a welter of other interesting stuff on the subject, at And guess what. The last posting on THAT blog was made in early May. Early May!

So I talked to my editor at The Bing Blog and asked her what could have happened to, like three months of your thoughts, replies, insults and tales of management horror and bulls**t? And she looked and, to make a moderately long story short, thanks to her, and to the fact that nothing really ever dies once it is sequestered on a server, we found them.

Think of Indiana Jones stumbling on a vast chasm filled with treasure. He wasn’t any happier than I was.

Here’s where we stand. I have one huge file full of the stuff you’ve written about your crazy bosses to me, and another, almost as long, where you tell me all about your various bulls**t jobs. I mean, they’re huge. And I love them very much.

I don’t know if you know a lot about my situation, or care, actually, but what the deal is is that I actually have a real, 8 to 6 job that demands some attention, and I also do this and some other stuff as well. My editors at The Bing Blog are pretty much in the same position. Like they also have real business writers to attend to, and breaking news beyond, say, what your boss may expect of you or what happened the last time you were screwed over by your airline. This is just to say that they’re, you know, busy. And unlike me, they don’t always think about me.

Which brings us to me. In the evening, for instance, when my day’s “real” work is supposedly done, I need sufficient time to drink and, of course, eat, and then usually drink again. Occasionally, I see people, some of whom are even friends that will outlive my business career. This, too, eats up valuable time that could be spent loading up my two beloved blogs with your input.

So it’s going to take me a while is what I’m saying. I’ll do them a bit at a time, and post them as I go. Sure there are a lot of them. But as God is my witness it’s not going to lick me. I’m going to go through every page and every posting and when it’s all over, you’ll never go unpublished again. No, nor any of your folk. If I have to delegate a portion of it to somebody else and even pay them — as God is my witness, you’ll never go unpublished again!