Can this boss be saved?

A reader from Michigan writes…

Well, let’s begin with my Boss. She used to be this very Energetic Woman who loved life. A Very Caring, Loving, Hard Working Woman. Then… Boom!!!!! Her whole life, as she knew it was taken from her! You see, she had been married to this legend of a man who was swept away from her in one zap of a second in a horrible car accident. Well, it was so overwhelming to her, she never let herself really grieve. For the first year after the death, she drank. Didn’t become a drunk, just drank her thoughts away. The second year, she ran. Ran all over the Country. Maine. Connecticut, Florida, Cancun. She met all kinds of interesting people. She had many choices but was inclined to stay put in her safe little haven that she made for herself. Let me tell you this: She has lost her zest in life, she has become this non-existent person who contributes NOTHING to this World! She’s become listless, maybe even a little lazy, although that she wouldn’t like to hear that. I believe if someone would give her an assignment, some work (she loves to work), that she couldn’t refuse and it would bring her back to life.

Now Stanleybing, I want you to know that I got up immediately after reading your article in Fortune Magazine, (I was Basking in the sun, at my Pool), I got up and I sat down and wrote to you. Now write back to me.

P.S. This is a True Story. The woman I am talking about… is ME!!

What do you think? Is there hope for this boss? Can one use work to get over tragedy?

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