Gone fishin’

June 29, 2007, 5:48 PM UTC

As you may have divined from the tenor of the past week or so, I’m ready for my vacation. Where I’m going may not be bloggable or, likewise, I may not be in a blogolicious state of mind.
All of which goes to say that I am, unless, you know, the spirit strikes me and the technology avails, putting an Out To Lunch sign on the blog for ten days or so. Here are some things you can do here, though, while I’m hors de combat:

1. Go on vacation yourself, wisely using the time I am away to recreate yourself as thoroughly as I hope to do the same;

2. Lob in your own comments to this page (or one prior to this on the same subject, as many of you have) about your vacation, lack of vacation, or feelings about the whole issue of vacating in general;

3. Delve into the Ask Bing portion of the site and send me your queries to read on my return. When I get back, I will luxuriate in them and share them with our readers;

4. Go into the portions of this site dedicated to those who are interested in Crazy Bosses or Bulls**t Jobs. The galleries are there, as are quizzes, games and, of course, loads of war stories from folks just like you, with appropriate comments from others who agree, disagree or deride them. Go! Join! We need ya!

5. Immediately click on the portion of the navigation bar that says Bing’s Books and buy a couple. They’re all good. None are bad. Get some now.

6. You may also browse over to Bing In Fortune and read my columns from the magazine. What fun, right? You bet.

I will be back, of course, before either of us knows it.

That’s the good news, right? Right?


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