Tag — You’re It!

I’m pretty new at this blogging thing and it’s clear to me, even as a newbie, that some blogs get noticed and some just sort of lie there on their backs, peeing like babies on a changing table into the brisk digital wind.

The ones that really punch through are those that employ tags that pop up later on the important search engines like Google, Yahoo, and AOL.  You know about tags. Look at the top of this page and you’ll see a bunch of them.

If you choose your tags right, everybody pretty much in perpetuity who searches for that word or phrase just might end up being directed to the entity that generated the tag that contained it. Hence this posting, in which I will now attempt to drive traffic to this site by indiscriminately tagging a host of words that might serve that purpose.  Linking doesn’t hurt either. But it’s not as good as tagging. So I’ll do both.

A friend of mine who also has a blog notices that when she posted an item about a gluten-free diet, for instance, she was suddenly hit by a bunch of people who are interested in the subject. Diets in general get a lot of action every day on the web, as does anybody who has anything to do with food, including Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay, Emeril, like that.

Food is very closely aligned to health, of course, since we are what we eat. That’s why topics like heart disease, diabetesAddison’s Disease (which struck President John F. Kennedy, who was rumored to have been involved with Marilyn Monroe), arthritis, Alzheimers, among many ailments, are of interest to people, who look up the subject on a variety of sites like the always-excellent Wikipedia and those more specialized.

Of course, the tags that have the highest potential are the ones that involve the celebrity names in just about every field that people want to know about, from the Dalai Lama, who dominates the spirituality game right now (along with his friends and competitive acolytes Steven Seagal and Richard Gere), to Oprah (both as an entertainer and as a force for good), all the way to the celebu-tarts who get more column inches than the War in Iraq (or Operation Iraqi Freedom as it’s still known known by the Multi-National Force and some of the media). You know who I’m talking about, right? Paris! Britney! Lindsay! People go for this sort of thing to sizzling hot aggregator-gossips like tmz and eOnline, where Ted Casablanca continues to report without fear or favor. 

There are so many more! Elvis! Shakespeare! Arnold! Al Gore! Warren Buffett! Barry Bonds! Hitler! Stalin! Bono!

That’s enough for now. If you found your way to this site because you followed any of these tags here — welcome! Take a look around! Hope you find us sticky!

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