Help! My boss is nuts: Federal government IT

May 17, 2007, 2:22 PM UTC

In their own words, readers talk about the bullies, narcissists and other crazy bosses they spend their working days with.

A reader from Virginia writes:

Hello, I am a female IT tech and work for the federal government. My boss is all of the above I have had him screaming with spit flying out of his mouth, and his finger shoved in my face for trying to relay information his boss had given to me and asked me to tell him, I guess he did not want to hear it. For several months after that I was on the chopping block. Every time we were alone in the elevator or the server room or outside he would remind me that he was my boss and he decides what I get for my raise. Then he started in with get me a soda then rinse the top and wipe it off.

I used to do it until my one year probation period was up then I just sort of ignored him. Then I was injured in a car accident while on duty hours and was laid up in the bed for about a month. After I came back to work he refused to sign off on my workmans comp papers so I could get my leave replaced, then he refused to give me any more advanced leave for doctors appointments and physical therapy appointments, although workers comp had already accepted the claim and would be buying back the majority of my advanced time.

Well the most recent incident happened on a Wednesday morning. I was at work doing my usual thing I had one machine running updates then answered the phone and went on a ticket to help someone with there computer. I was off of work on Monday and Tuesday to take care of my son that had to have a tooth extracted. Anyway after I finished the ticket I had a conference call in the middle of the conference call he had a co worker come interrupt to tell me he was on the phone. No, he was not even in the office. So I put the conference call on hold and answer his call. He is yelling at me right off the bat I did not even know what he was talking about.

For the record let me just say I had no emails from him or messages on my phone asking me to do anything. When I came in that morning there was a computer on my desk with a note from a coworker asking me to finish it, which I was already in the process of doing. Back to the phone call he is yelling so fast I can’t even keep up, I tell him I was working on a machine then went up on a ticket because someone from another IT department within our organization called to get me to help one of our clients load something on her machine. Then he starts yelling at me that someone is not my F@#$$%% boss and that he is my F!@#$%% boss and that I need to do what the F@#@ he tells me to do. I tried telling his supervisors – they did not really care and treated me as though I did something wrong.

Anyway needless to say I am trying my hardest to get a new job because there is no way I can cope with him. Although he is supposed to be apologizing to me. Did I mention all of his bosses decided to remove me from the IT department to some other department in the building and stripped me of all my rights to access computers because I stood up for myself.

Hoping to get a new job soon,

Federal worker

What do you think? Is this boss crazy?