Help! My boss is nuts: Favors trade

May 17, 2007, 2:27 PM UTC

In their own words, readers talk about the bullies, narcissists and other crazy bosses they spend their working days with.

A reader from San Diego writes:

While I was in the military, I was running a job with about 35 people working for me.

Everyday we would send different people out the door to location shoots. Doing my best to get different people into groups and locations each day. We had a limited amount of vehicles and so some people would have to catch rides in trucks going or stay at the HQ base.

Making these assignments after the last guy came in each day made for long days, since I was at the building before the first team would leave, usually around 5-6 am and last person back into the building would run as late as midnight.

Soon I began to notice that my assignments were changing before I would arrive in the morning. Very shortly after that a brisk trade developed in favors for those that where willing to stay in the building for the day. Most where not and would do anything to get into the field.

I cornered my boss several times and asked him to stop changing the assignments as people where not getting to jobs on-time and missing some all together. He denied everything.

The final straw was when I had the group photo scheduled for 8 am on a Saturday and only half the people showed up, the rest had been sent to the field by the boss.

He got really mad and started yelling at me about people being in the field when a group photo was scheduled for 6 AM.

I asked who was the idiot the wanted to shoot a group photo in the dark and sent people in the field before it got light.

He denied everything.

We got our group photo, he was just not in it!

What do you think? Is this boss crazy?