The Gig goes live…

May 14, 2007, 11:57 PM UTC

Welcome to The Gig, a Fortune blog just for Generation Y. When I first told our intrepid leader, Fortune managing editor Andy Serwer, that I thought people my age would really love some content geared toward them – “Maybe a blog,” I said, offhandedly – I didn’t think it’d amount to much. And if it did, I certainly didn’t think I’d be the one doing it. But that’s the thing about this GenY crowd: We speak up even when it’s pointless, and every now and then, we get rewarded for it. This is one such time. And for all the other times—the 99% when our bosses aren’t as visionary as mine (hah) and our organizations seem completely inscrutable, now there’s The Gig. If you’re a twentysomething in corporate America in 2007, there’s a good chance you’re confused. Maybe you’ve worked out a few basic things—the best route to the office, the path of least visibility out of it. But when it comes to getting a raise or promotion, building good relationships with our bosses, or even making effective cocktail conversation, a lot of us are just plain lost. And for our generation at least, finding our way isn’t as simple as getting “Succeeding for Dummies.” We need a lot more of everything – from attention to vacation – than our predecessors ever felt comfortable asking for, and we need it tailored to us.

So consider The Gig the view from the bottom, the way we do it—snarky but optimistic, funny but focused, and serious when it needs to be. It will be the place to have the conversations we want to have, read our take on the business happenings we care about, and get answers to the questions that matter for us. And sprinkled in along the way will be a lot of good advice and even better stories from our elders – friends and mentors I’ve cultivated throughout my travels in media – and whatever meaningful observations I can muster from the halls of Time Inc. amidst all my own twentysomething angst. It won’t always be pretty, but it’s going to be an adventure.