By Alan Murray and David Meyer
February 15, 2019

Good morning.

Well that didn’t last long. Amazon said yesterday it was abandoning its “second headquarters” in New York because of opposition from politicians. Mayor Bill de Blasio fought back with a blustery Frank Sinatra allusion: “You have to be tough to make it in New York City.” But clearly, this is New York’s loss.

Meanwhile, Apple is becoming a health care company. Sort of. Monday night it launched an event series at its San Francisco store on heart health, and will do the same in Chicago and New York. CEO Tim Cook told CNBC recently that health will be the company’s “greatest contribution to mankind.”

The entry of Apple into the health care business is exactly the sort of border crossing that Fortune will be highlighting at its fourth Brainstorm Health, led by Fortune’s Editor-in-Chief Cliff Leaf, Thrive Global CEO Arianna Huffington, and physician and bestselling author David Agus. The two-day event at San Diego’s Grand Del Mar resort, April 2-3, is the ultimate gathering of decision-makers and thought leaders in health care, bringing together the CEOs of Pfizer, Humana, Kaiser Permanente, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, WW, the Mayo Clinic, and more than two dozen other leading companies—plus dozens of top VCs, scientists, policy makers, hell-raisers, and entrepreneurs. (That’s Cliff’s description of the crowd.)

The conference is invite-only, but if you’d like to come, you can apply here: Please note—we’ll be closing registration soon.

News below. And apologies yesterday for saying Hilton employs 62,403 people globally. That’s only the company’s U.S. employment.

Alan Murray


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