By Aaron Pressman and Adam Lashinsky
October 25, 2018

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Markets are slumping, violence is brewing, and Donald Trump is shocked—shocked!—there’s incivility in the public dialogue.

But wait, there’s good news. Microsoft, the former big-cap doormat of the tech industry is growing rapidly as it continues to churn out profits. Thanks to a robust cloud computing business, the software giant’s revenues jumped 19% in its most recent quarter to $29 billion. Profits of almost $9 billion rose 34%.

Microsoft is the ultimate reinvention story of our time. Its games business is surging thanks to the Xbox version of Fortnite. Its old-school Office software grows a bit and generates cash a lot. Its cloud business grows more quickly than competitor Amazon’s. That’s an achievement.

Making Microsoft grow after years of stagnation is like teaching an old dog a new trick. It’s an inspiration to every legacy company that’s trying to find a second act. It also is worth nearly $800 billion.

It’s enough to make you have faith in cherished institutions run by honorable people.

Adam Lashinsky


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