The sando made with Japanese Wagyu beef at Don Wagyu in New York, June 21, 2018. The sandwich is priced from $28 to $180, depending on the meat.
Stephen Sperenza —The New York Times/Redux
By Chris Morris
June 26, 2018

New York, a city known for its high food prices, has managed to top itself, with a $185 sandwich that, while certainly delicious, will likely leaving you craving a snack a few hours later.

Don Wagyu, an eatery located near Wall Street that solely serves Wagyu beef sandwiches, has introduced the A5 Ozaki, a panko-fried steak sandwich containing five ounces of beef, for people with truly exclusive tastes and unlimited budgets.

The meat comes from a farm in Japan, which only ships five cattle to the U.S. per month (all to the restaurant). The only other place to find this meat is Dubai. It’s served in a wooden box with the Don Wagyu logo (your souvenir for enjoying the meal). And it costs about the same as 33 ShackBurgers at Shake Shack (or, if you’re an In-N-Out fan, about 53 Double Doubles).

Don Wagyu does have some less pricey menu options, but you’re certainly not going to find a value menu here. For $25, you can get the Washugyu, a similar sandwich made with a cross between Black Angus and the Tajima wagyu breed. There’s also a $75 offering made of miyazaki wagyu.

All of the sandwiches are coated with panko breadcrumbs and fried for 2.5 minutes. After resting, they’re placed on soft white bread with a Japanese steak sauce. Good news, though, they come with skinny fries, so you won’t have to pay extra for those.


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