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By Chris Morris
May 30, 2018

Atari has been raising eyebrows for a few months with word of its forthcoming console system, but it’s not the only classic system aiming to make a comeback. Intellivision says it plans to release a home console as well.

The new system, which does not yet have a formal name, will feature a “new concept, design and approach to gaming” says the company, which seemingly rules out a retro device, akin to Nintendo’s NES Classic. It plans to offer more details about the device during a Facebook Q&A Thursday at noon PT and at the upcoming E3 video game trade show. The big reveal, though, will come on Oct. 1, the company says.

Intellivision was one of Atari’s chief rivals in the early days of home video game systems. And the revived company says some of the original team members are playing a role in the creation, development, and software of the new system. Tommy Tallarico, who has long ties to the music side of the video game industry, has been named president of the company—and says there are no plans to try to compete directly with Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo.

Intellivision’s resurrection comes as Atari has launched an Indiegogo page for its Atari VCS. The company has continued to offer few hard details about what the VCS will do. At a price of $199 and $299, though, it will come with 100 classic games installed. Whether it will support new games and what those will be, though, remains a mystery.

That’s not stopping people from shelling out money based on nostalgia. The fundraiser/pre-order page has raised over $1.5 million to date.


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