By Alan Murray and Geoffrey Smith
October 11, 2017

Good morning.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was the featured guest at Fortune‘s Most Powerful Women gala dinner last night, and wowed the women with his charm, as well as his commitment to gender parity. Trudeau said he came to Washington primarily to meet with the 400 female business leaders, and added today’s meeting with President Trump afterwards.

Despite reports that the two countries are at loggerheads in their negotiations over NAFTA, Trudeau emphasized the importance of unity. “Canada and the U.S. have a connection unlike any two countries in the world.” The two “are tremendously intertwined. When one does well the other does well. And when we both do well, we are unstoppable.”

Trudeau also said his goal and the President’s goal are fundamentally the same—”reassuring people that the benefits of trade will be spread more broadly.” During the dinner, the Prime Minister was seated between his wife and Ivanka Trump.

You can read more news about the summit here.

Meanwhile, P&G CEO David Taylor said activist Nelson Peltz has lost his epic and expensive bid for a seat on the company’s board. But Peltz told Fortune‘s Shawn Tully that the count is preliminary, and he’s not conceding.

“The vote is too close to call,” Peltz said. “This morning, our proxy firm said we were up by 175 million votes. We knew P&G had 100 million shares they could vote themselves, and 100 million that were held by employees, who could vote either way. We sat on another 20 million shares. Think about those numbers! If they won or lost, it was by 1%.”

Peltz added: “If they were smart, they would be magnanimous now and say, even though we won, we’re putting Nelson Peltz on the board because the vote was so close.”

Don’t count on that.

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Alan Murray


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