By Alan Murray and Geoffrey Smith
September 11, 2017

Good Monday morning.

Fortune this morning releases its list of the 100 Fastest Growing Companies—which ranks publicly traded companies by three years’ growth in revenues, profits, and stock returns. Facebook and Amazon both made the top ten (#6 and #9, respectively), but the top five are less obvious:

1. Natural Health Trends, which markets health and beauty products primarily in Hong Kong, but has seen sales plummet this year;

2. Paycom Software, which provides financial applications to business;

3. LendingTree, the online loan broker;

4. Abiomed, which makes artificial hearts and heart pumps; and

5. Mimeox Group, which creates tissue grafts from recovered placentas to treat soft-tissue wounds.

A couple of trends emerge from the list:

First, financial companies, which took a beating after the 2007- 2008 crisis, are now in the top spot, accounting for 35 of the 100. But while that exceeds the 27 companies classified as “technology,” it’s important to note that most of the 100 are powered by strong technology, reflecting the fact that nearly all successful companies are effectively technology companies these days. Case in point is LendingTree (#3)—which Fortune’s Shawn Tully profiles here.

Second, reflecting the importance of technology, California is home to the most companies on the list—24, or nearly a quarter of the total. That’s three times as many as in Florida, which ranks second with seven companies on the list. Among the California companies is Gilead (#63, down from #17 last year), the biotech juggernaut, which takes the prize for most years on the list (8).

What’s missing from the list? Energy. After a strong showing three years ago, there wasn’t a single energy company on this year’s list.

You can explore the full list here. More news below. And don’t miss Adam Lashinsky’s interview with Tim Cook about Apple’s social agenda, which you can read here.

Alan Murray


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