By Aaron Pressman and Adam Lashinsky
June 1, 2017

Happy Thursday. Aaron standing in today for Adam, who is traveling to Canada.

With the Computex trade show going on in Taiwan this week, we’re certainly being treated to a flood of announcements from the formerly forlorn state known as the personal computer market.

I got a chance to speak with Gregory Bryant ahead of the show. He’s the 25-year Intel veteran who was thrust to the top of the chip giant’s PC business just a few weeks ago. The head of Intel’s server chip unit, Diane Bryant, had to take a lengthy leave of absence and the company tapped Navin Shenoy, who had only been running PC chips for a year, to fill in for her, creating the opening.

Bryant is so bullish on PCs in 2017 you might never know that the industry sold only 260 million units last year, down 26% since 2011. He’s also very bullish on Intel, telling me they are “really the only company that can power every segment of this emerging smart connected world all the way from the cloud through the network to the edge devices and kind of everything in between.” The 1.5 billion smartphone buyers last year (triple the number from 2011) would probably beg to differ.

Aaron Pressman


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