The Apple logo is displayed at the Apple Store June 17, 2015 on Fifth Avenue in New York City.
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To 2.5% globally

By Tara John
May 8, 2017

Apple has clarified that its affiliates’ commission rates for all iOS in-app purchases will be reduced to 2.5% globally.

The announcement backtracks from previous reports in April that claimed the company would cut all commission rates for partners—be it for in-app purchases on either Mac or iPhone— from 7% to 2.5%. According to Apple, only in-app iOS purchases will see a rate cut.

Partners signed to the iTunes Affiliate Program— such as websites that link to iOS or Mac apps— receive payouts when someone clicks one of their links and makes a purchase. According to the Verge, its unclear why Apple backtracked, but suggests that uproar from affiliate partners in April might have affected the company’s decision.


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