The Apple logo is displayed at the Apple Store June 17, 2015 on Fifth Avenue in New York City.
Eric Thayer—Getty Images
By Tara John
May 8, 2017

Apple has clarified that its affiliates’ commission rates for all iOS in-app purchases will be reduced to 2.5% globally.

The announcement backtracks from previous reports in April that claimed the company would cut all commission rates for partners—be it for in-app purchases on either Mac or iPhone— from 7% to 2.5%. According to Apple, only in-app iOS purchases will see a rate cut.

Partners signed to the iTunes Affiliate Program— such as websites that link to iOS or Mac apps— receive payouts when someone clicks one of their links and makes a purchase. According to the Verge, its unclear why Apple backtracked, but suggests that uproar from affiliate partners in April might have affected the company’s decision.


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