Burger King bkw is taking a page from its competitors and adding Doritos to the menu.

The fast food giant’s latest mash-up is called the Steakhouse Doritos Burger, and there’s not much to it: Just a few Doritos thrown on top of two beef patties covered in cheese. It’s available now until Nov. 21 in Spain-based locations.

Spain is one of the largest markets in Europe for Burger King, according to The Street. If the Dorito burger tests well there, it could appear on U.S. menus.

Doritos, owned by Frito-Lay, is no stranger to fast food mash-ups. In the past year alone Wendy’s has tested a Doritos Chili Burger in El Salvador, while KFC reintroduced its Jacked Up Double Crunch Burger to outposts in South Africa. The snack food was also used to create Doritos Loaded for 7-Eleven and, of course, the wildly popular Doritos Locos Taco at Taco Bell.

The Doritos burger continues Burger King’s streak with mashed-up food items. The chain recently tested the Whopperito, which is essentially Whopper ingredients wrapped in a flour tortilla, and Mac n’ Cheetos. (Cheetos are also made by Frito-Lay.)


Burger King could not immediately be reached for comment.