First in Berlin
By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
September 19, 2014

Like swallows to Capistrano, resellers, publicity seekers and early adopters must needs flock to the nearest Apple Store when a new iPhone is about to be released.

There were line sitters camped outside Manhattan’s Fifth Ave store last week even before the iPhone 6 was unveiled. By Thursday night — 12 hours before the doors on the big glass cube were scheduled to open — the ragged queue stretched across three city blocks.

Update: Friday morning countdowns and a dropped iPhone 6, via YouTube.


Sydney, Australia:

Berlin, first out the store with iPhones:

Dropped: First iPhone 6 sold in Perth.

Below: Queues around the world, 10 p.m. ET Thursday.

Hong Kong:


Chadstone, Australia:


Paris (Louvre):

Paris (Opera):

Covent Garden, London:

Regent Street, London:


New York City:

Ingleside Mall, Holyoke, MA (where I am)

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